"Nós deveríamos ser presos, ambos somos criminosos condenados pelo pensamento.''


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dance with me Gaga
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I finally have time to write up my full Gaga experience haha. I attended the Chicago Artrave on July 11th with an Artpop Zone ticket. A little backstory - I had camped out for 5 days the year before for the Chicago Born This Way Ball, which Lady Gaga canceled the day before the concert due to tearing a muscle in her hip and having to have emergency surgery. Needless to say, I was devastated - but the Artrave made up for it times a billion. 
Firstly, I met some amazing people on tumblr who had the same ticket as me ( gina-ndjuice, dustmonster, phyleann), and we had been talking for months before the show. Gina and her amazing friends, Emily and Eileen, let me stay in their hotel down by the United Center with them and it was awesome. To be around such amazing, like-minded people who were hardcore Gaga fans like myself was awesome. It’s amazing how Gaga can bring people together. We had a great time getting ready before the concert and it was like we had been friends our entire lives. 
We arrived at the show for check-in and had a decent amount of time before the show started. We met up with the awesome Dustin and we all hung out for a while. Got our merchandise, took a billion pictures with people who loved our outfits, and hung out in the fancy VIP lounge at the United Center. We had some drinks and food, and got some “I *seashell* Lady Gaga glitter tattoos”. Oh also, this was Eileen’s 21st birthday, and I hung out with her for a while cause we got separated from our whole group in the crowd of people wanting to take pictures. Eileen is amazing and such a  beautiful person inside and out! She told almost everyone we talked to and took pictures with how beautiful they were and was just an angel tbh. 
Finally, we met up with our group and were escorted to the Artpop Zone, which is an elevated VIP area right in front of Gaga’s piano. We missed the opening act, Crayon Pop, and saw a bit of Lady Starlight. We met all of our monster friends, danced to the rave/trance music that played before Gaga came on, and went to the bathroom haha. The Atpop Zone had an open bar sponsored by Absolut Vodka but I didn’t drink anything because I was too excited/nervous. 
Lady Gaga took 5-ever to come on haha, and came on around 9:30. When the music started and the curtain dropped, I nearly died. To see her come out of the stage was so surreal. It was like… This is Lady Gaga. Right in front of me. My idol that I have only ever seen on a computer screen or TV screen, right in front of me. It was amazing. She was so sparkly. The outfits she wears are much more sparkly in person haha. She’s so beautiful. The concert was absolutely amazing and I have never danced so much in my life. I’m actually incredibly shy and hate dancing in front of people, but I actually danced literally all night and had the time of my life. Gaga looked at me many times throughout the show (especially during Venus), and during Gypsy, she said something about “all the girls with their seashells painted and covered with glitter” and she was looking right at me and talking about me and my friends. Guh the show was so great. I wish I could go see another. 
After the show was over, we waited until everyone cleared out and were escorted backstage. I was like dying inside because like… WE’RE GOING TO MEET LADY GAGA. We were all freaking out. They took us to a back room with a lot of chairs in a circle and a little bar. The backstage lady was really nice and took us to the bathroom and just talked to us while we waited for Gaga. We were allowed another drink and they told us Gaga would only sign ONE thing and were pretty strict about that, which sucked. So they gave us a sticky note to write our name on and put it on whatever we wanted her to sign. So we waited, and waited and waited some more. It took about an hour for her to come backstage. Every time the door opened, we were like *GASO* but then it would just be a random person or security guard haha. 
Finally, she came in the room. And let me tell you, she is SO BEAUTIFUL in person. She looked like a doll. It was unreal. She was dressed like Princess Jasmine and wasn’t wearing very high heels, and I was like “omg she’s so small” but then quickly realized… I’m the same height as her lmfao. She was like, “Does anybody want another drink? You can have a drink on me!” But none of us moved or said anything because we were just in awe. 
We got to go around asking questions. Someone asked, “Who is your Gaga? Like your biggest idol?” And in my head I was like, “Please say Michael Jackson, please say Michael Jackson.” And what do you know? “Michael, of course,” she said. She also mentioned Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. I was the last person to ask a question, and I asked her if it was true that she had written a song about Michael Jackson. I told her that her and Michael were my inspirations and showed her my MJ tattoos. She smiled and was like, “It’s true, and it goes like this,” and just sand like a minute and a half of the song called “Sire” right then and there. I almost died. I started bawling and all of my friends were like “omg Natasha!!” They knew how much it meant to me. 
After the group meeting, we were escorted out of the room and into a line for our one-on-one picture time. Unfortunately, I felt like this was very rushed and I got barely a minute with her, but it’s ok. When I walked in, she was like, “There’s my seashell girl!” I almost died. I gave her my gifts. I had a toy and a shirt for Asia, to which she was like, “This dog gets better presents than me!” And then I gave her an Asia necklace which she LOVED and did a little happy dance, and told her manager to get my info (and a couple days after that, she followed me on Twitter!). I had a whole speech planned for her but couldn’t remember it and all I could say was, “I camped out for 5 days last year for the Born This Way Ball,” between crying and she pulled me in for a hug and was like, “I’m so sorry. I was devastated when I had to cancel.” And I was like, “It’s ok!! *sob*”. After that, we took our picture (you can see I’m still crying lol), and then I had her sign a piece of paper with the lyrics, “If you’re a strong female, you don’t need permission,” and her autograph (which I got tattooed the next day). 
It was literally the best night of my life. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and ate pizza rolls and mac and cheese bites and crashed haha. We were planning on going out clubbing for Eileen’s b-day but we were so physically and emotionally drained. Such an amazing night. I’m so sad it’s over but it was literally a dream come true. 
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You guys! My artRAVE is a couple weeks away and I need help can someone please please please make this into a png (transparent) it would mean the world to me if someone did please
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when you touch me i die just a little inside…
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